Can help me anybody please?
i think the problem is the way to launch the smtp server.
I start the smtp daemon of this way
    /usr/local/bin/tcpserver -H -R -x /home/vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp.cdb -c20 -u 87 -g 89 0 smtp /var/qmail/bin/qmail-smtpd
i need your help becouse I tried to solve it i myself but it is impossible since I believe that all this good
 I have vpopmail 5.4.4 with qmail1.03 and I cannot limit external_relay and service of smtp but limit imap, pop3, bounces  yes. Can  help me anything, please?
I use vmoduser -r -s [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
is necesary some patch?
My S.O is redhat9

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