I have a system with netqmail 1.05 + vpopmail 5.4.0 + sqwebmail 4.0.5 +
qmailadmin 1.2.0 + clamav 0.73 + qmailscanner.

Now, I'd like to do some kind of SMTP authetication using the idea of
SMTPafterPOP, to use the vpopmail users (into
vpasswd file) to authenticate the sending of emails.

I found some patches for QMail, but I'm doubt about the functionality of
its with vpopmail users database.

I work in a school and there are other units of it that uses internet
providers with dinamic IPs. Then, all the time I need to
change /etc/tcp.smtp to add the actual IP address for the list of
external users to do SMTP relay. But I think if I will have
SMTP authentication, I may do a QMail OPEN RELAY and all will work fine.
Is this TRUE or I'm CRAZY to think
about OPEN RELAY? Is there some alternatives to do this without OPEN RELAY?

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