On Tuesday 13 July 2004 09:47 am, Fernando Costa de Almeida wrote:
>  Hi all,
>  Today, when issuing a top on my pop server, I noticed that there were
> some vdelivermails process eating a lot of cpu resources. Then, looking
> in the logs files, I saw that it was a spam to a specific domain, and
> this domain had the postmaster account as the 'catchall account'.
>  What surprised me is the number of emails in the its Maildir: about
> 1479158.... Is the number of emails in a Maildir related to the amount
> of cpu vdelivermail uses? I saw an increasing use of the disc too,
> somethings 100%...

if you're using ext2/3 filesystem, or any other non-directory hashing 
filesystem, this will occur.

This isn't vpopmail's fault, it's the filesystem.

You have two options, remove the emails, or switch to a better filesystem 
(such as reiserfs, or UFS with DIR_HASH)

for more details about this filesystem issue, please visit google, as this is 
discussed on more mailing lists than you could possibly think of.


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