Hi Jeremy, thanks for your explanation!

        Im using FreeBSD and consequently an UFS Filesystem (with
DIR_HASH and SoftUpdates enabled). I will delete the emails, but I
posted this question just to make sure that my problem was caused by the
high number of files in the user's Maildir. The next step is to avoid
that an user have so many emails in his Maildir, perhaps enabling quota
for all users...

        I frequently face high IO loads in this server, even though its
has one dedicated disk for the qmail queue and logs.


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> On Tuesday 13 July 2004 09:47 am, Fernando Costa de Almeida wrote:
> >  Hi all,
> >
> >  Today, when issuing a top on my pop server, I noticed that 
> there were
> > some vdelivermails process eating a lot of cpu resources. 
> Then, looking
> > in the logs files, I saw that it was a spam to a specific 
> domain, and
> > this domain had the postmaster account as the 'catchall account'.
> >
> >  What surprised me is the number of emails in the its Maildir: about
> > 1479158.... Is the number of emails in a Maildir related to 
> the amount
> > of cpu vdelivermail uses? I saw an increasing use of the disc too,
> > somethings 100%...
> if you're using ext2/3 filesystem, or any other non-directory hashing 
> filesystem, this will occur.
> This isn't vpopmail's fault, it's the filesystem.
> You have two options, remove the emails, or switch to a 
> better filesystem 
> (such as reiserfs, or UFS with DIR_HASH)
> for more details about this filesystem issue, please visit 
> google, as this is 
> discussed on more mailing lists than you could possibly think of.
> -Jeremy
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