On Thursday 15 July 2004 02:48 pm, Eric Ziegast wrote:
> > maybe I'll just make conf-vpopmail be the path to vpopmail's home
> > directory and call it good.   T'would be nice to be able to auto-detect
> > it simply based on the user vpopmail was configured with (considering
> > there are probably far less vpopmail implementations that use another
> > user than vpopmail, than there
> There's no rule that says that the base vpopmail dir has to be the
> home dir of user vpopmail.  You could compile a "vconfig" program
> first in C and use that program later in your install process.

right, which is why it's better to just specify it in conf-vpopmail.  However, 
I'm having trouble getting that value into a variable in a Makefile, so I'm 
thinking that just setting it at the top and pointing documentation to change 
it would be best.


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