Hello the list.

We ahve been using vpopmail for over a year with no problems. We recently
move to using mysql for auth and I am seeing a strange side effect. New
users are no longer being created in the directory split but are all going
to the domain root. We have one domain with 4557 users and since
converting to mysql the last 177 users have been created in the domain

I first thought I had compiled somthing incorrectly but reviewing it
doesn't seem so. I notice that the dir-control table was not updating when
new users were added. 

In fact the largest domain (4558 users) showed a user count of 241378956!
and never changed. I manually updated the field and now the count is
correct and raises and lowers as users are added and deleted.

However new users are still going into the domain root. I've looked
through the archive and googled several times with no answers.

What can I post to help decipher this issue, or what can I read?


In the beginning was The Word
and The Word was Content-type: text/plain

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