I have a Linux Fedora 2 + netqmail 1.05 + smtp-auth + vpopmail 5.4.0.
Now, I need to allow only sending/receiving emails to/from domains
previously configured.

I thought this would be possible adding domains into control/rcpthosts
and deleting RELAYCLIENT="" from /etc/tcp.smtp. However, with
smtp-auth, /etc/tcp.smtp isn't been used, and I don't know what to do
in this case...

Is there some patch for rcpthosts + smtp-auth work together and allow
this selective type of SMTP using, closing it for any other domains?

I'd like a way to restrict email sending/receiving only to/from
external users or domains previously saved in a internal mail database.
For example, only users from domains @x.com, @y.com, etc, and in other
case, users with emails [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED], can 
emails to/from my internal mail users.

I said about /etc/tcp.smtp and control/rcpthosts because when I had to
used non smtp-auth schema, I saved into control/rcpthosts the domains
abled to communicate with internal users. Now, with smtp-auth, the users
can send/receive to/from anyone.

Thanks in advance,

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