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On Jul 22, 2004, at 5:36 PM, Edilmar Alves - Lista wrote:

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On Jul 22, 2004, at 5:07 PM, Edilmar Alves - Lista wrote:

I said about /etc/tcp.smtp and control/rcpthosts because when I had to
used non smtp-auth schema, I saved into control/rcpthosts the domains
abled to communicate with internal users. Now, with smtp-auth, the users
can send/receive to/from anyone.

Why not turn off SMTP AUTH?

Because I have users that connect from other internet providers in many cities,
and I don't want to allow open relay or maintain the /etc/tcp.smtp. Sometimes,
there are users using dial-up connections, and to maintain /etc/tcp.smtp is hard.

I guess I don't understand your original email.

It sounded like you were saying: I only want to accept mail for domains in rcpthosts.

Yes, I want to save into rcpthosts database, all domains that I need to communicate.
I have my users using the mail system from any place in the Internet, so from any dinamic IPs.
Then, I need smtp-auth to increase secutiry for these external accesses to my mail server.

If that's the case, turn of relaying entirely. You would only have to worry about external users sending email to other external users ( sends to

I deleted RELAYCLIENT="" from /etc/tcp.smtp but the users with smtp-auth may send/receive emails
to/from any other domains, not only domains listed into rcpthosts database.

I can't think of an easy way to tell qmail:

1) Accept mail for local users [but only from a limited list of external domains?].

Yes... and accept mail from external users in external limited list domains.

2) Accept mail for this limited list of external domains if a user authenticates with SMTP AUTH.

No... imagine:

- my users have mails
- my users may send/receive emails using my SMTP if they are into LAN or external Internet. Then,
I need SMTP AUTH to increase security for these users. I don't want something like a external
hacker using my SMTP server to send SPAM for my users and using a email like [EMAIL PROTECTED]
- I need to configure a database of external domains that my users can send/receive emails.
Then, if database has domains e, my users can send/receive emails to/from these domains.
If other person, using email [EMAIL PROTECTED], my SMTP must reject email, but send a message to
[EMAIL PROTECTED] and to [EMAIL PROTECTED] talking about a external user trying to communicate
with internal users. Then, postmaster may insert the domain, or only email [EMAIL PROTECTED]
into the database, or simply ignore the external user.
Is it possible to do?

This is a kind of ALL CLOSED SMTP server, and a shortcut database of external people/domains
than may jump out this all closed smtp.

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