I am thinking this is client based, but at a loss;

Have a server (qmail, vchkpw, sqwebmail, mysql...), has about 2500 email
accounts on it, roaming users enabled using POP before SMTP auth.
Tweaked the vmysql.c(vupdate_rules) and rebuilt vpopmail to add a skip
to RBL checks for all authed users.

snprintf(SqlBufRead, SQL_BUF_SIZE,
"%s:allow,RELAYCLIENT=\"\",RBLSMTPD=\"\"\n", row[0]);

this is because we use "-r combined.njabl.org" in our smtp run which
blocks dynamic IP address space (highly effective against virus and
compromised machines acting as their own SMTP servers).

We get a handful of users who end up getting blocked because outlook
express sends before checking, but a subsequent attempt to send after
the check is successful usually goes through.

We are however getting a few (1-2%?) users who consistantly cannot send
because they are hitting this RBL, users who are POPing and should be
skipping the RBL checks all together.

Any ideas or suggestions?  Do other things need to be recompiled after
that above change to vmysql.c in vpopmail?  Is there a time delay that
we are encountering?

Appreciate any comments or suggestions.


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