Mark Richardson wrote:
If your only problem is the user count (lucky you) you can manualy reset
the cur_users and it will begin wirking again.

Ok now you make me worried... What other things have you run in to because that was my fear anyways: I don't understand why this doesn't work (well it just seems unimplemented in vconvert), so what else will i run into ?
My only problem has been with dir_control, everything else is working fine. There is a small tool in contrib called vcdir which is supposed to correct the problem and reload the dir_control data from the dir_control files in each domain. I have been unable to get it to compile. NetBSD/Sparc (my ecluster machines) does not have libnsl, and Solaris 8 (my MySQL host) is having problems finding libmysqlclient.a. Maybe if I were a C programmer I would be in better shape. Though, using it might solve my problem, it won't answer my questions about what each field's purpose is.

I thought the mysql support was pretty stable in vpopmail ?
The support for MySQL doesn't seem to be the issue here, just the conversion to using MySQL from cdb at this point.

This list is not maintained by any developers that can shed some light on this subject ?
Ummmmmm, maybe I am just asking the wrong questions.

Does anyone know what each field in the dir_control table is supposed to contain?

What is the purpose of level_startX, level_endX, level_modX, level_indexX, the_dir?





On Thursday 05 August 2004 14:59, Dave Goodrich wrote:

I found little on the subject in Google, and fewer answers anywhere
else. I have resorted to reading source code ( I don't program C ).

The closest thing I have found is this,[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg18607.html

Though that URL is not responding for me right now. In a nutshell, try
changing the numbers, adding deleting, domains, and see what happens. I
am currently counting the conf-splits in my domains and trying to
understand what values I need to insert into dir_control.

If your only problem is the user count (lucky you) you can manualy reset
the cur_users and it will begin wirking again.


Mark Richardson wrote:

Dave have you already found some more info on this subject ?

I have the same problem here (see my post)


On Wednesday 04 August 2004 18:21, Dave Goodrich wrote:

qmail 1.03
vpopmail 5.4.0
mysql 3.23.58

We had been using cdb and switched to using mysql auth when we moved our
users to a new server. We ran vconvert on the domains and everything
appeared to work fine.

vpopmail.curr_users loaded with enormous numbers, level_curr loaded as
zero. Adding new domains, users changes nothing in the dir_control
table. I can manually update the curr_users value and it will then begin
to increment properly.

I would be willing to manually update the other values, if I knew what
they should be and what they did. I can whoop up a quick script to
insert the proper values, but how do I determine what they should be? Is
there any documentation that explains how this works? At this point I am
thinking moving a vpopmail installation is a very bad idea.



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