--- Rick Widmer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > I believe it is impossible to have system account support without some part of the 
> > system
> running
> > as root. Is this correct?
> Yes.
> > Do most people run qmail-pop3d + vpopmail as root? I used to do this but recently 
> > switched
> over to
> > :
> I would avoid it.
> > I've considered going back to running qmail-pop3d as root, any suggestions?
> Don't use system accounts, and run 100% virtual.  The only people with
> logins on my mail server are the mail administrators.  I feel safer that
> way.

Hi Rick,

Thanks for your help. Just what I was looking for. I assumed there was no way to do 
this but was
just looking for some confirmation.



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