On Saturday 07 August 2004 07:55 pm, Micah Abrams wrote:
> Dear list:
> I have a strange problem that I am hoping one of you can help me with.  I
> have had my qmail/vpop server running for a few years now and everything
> has been running great.  I have created an account on one of the domains
> called 'lists'.  It is a normal vpop user added with ~vpopmail/bin/vadduser
> .  For some reason however every message sent to this account bounces back
> with 'Sorry, no mailbox here by that name. (#5.1.1)'.  I have tried
> deleting and re-adding the account but nothing seems to help.  In fact I
> even deleted and readded the domain.  Everything else is running great.  It
> is just this one domain that is giving me trouble.  Anyways any pointers
> would be great.

$5 says domain is in qmail's 'locals' file.


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