Courier with authvchkpw almost works.

It does not handle roaming users under authdaemon, which is not a real
problem since courier implements authentication on smtp with SSL.

However it ignores .qmail-* files in ~vpopmail/domains/<vdomain>/ folder,
although it recognizes correctly .qmail-* files in
~vpopmail/domains/<vdomain>/user/ folder.

Is my understanding correct?
I used the current latest courier and vpopmail installations.

Is there a way to make .qmail-* files in ~vpopmail/domains/<vdomain>/
work correctly for courier?

Courier seems a good all-in-one solution for mta, but it lacks a tool to
manage virtual domains in a simple enough way as far as I know.  That is
what vpopmail + qmailadmin do very well.  The problem described above seems
to be the only problem with courier + vchkpw. Otherwise courier + vchkpw +
vpopmail + qmailadmin would be a perfect solution for me.
Are there other better solutions?

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