Hi Rick,

> > Rick,  are you currently using this?
> For a whole domain.  Not per user.
I can't get you, what you mean "for a whole domain, not per user"? I want
to split a whole domain... (??) You told you have to create a .qmail file
on the 1st server for every account that is configured on the 2nd server.
Isn't it "per user configuration" too?

> > It seems you omitted that I would have to make the same thing in the
> > server, creating .qmail files forwarding messages to the users
> > in the 1st server.
> No, if you create a .qmail-default for each user that needs to be
> forwarded, you only need to create THOSE users on the 2nd server.
But what happens when a user of the second server send an email to a user
of the first server? the seconds server would bounce an error message "this
account doesn't exist" if it is not configured to forward the e-mails for
unexistent accounts for the fisrt server.

> > I think this configuration isn't scalable. What would happen if I'd
like to
> > split the domain through 3 or more machines? Or if I'd like to split
> > domains through other servers? It would became an administration
> > nightmare... don't you think?
> Then I'd set a flag, or create a field in MySQL - and look at using
> maildrop for the redirection, after a perl script checks for the routing
> information.
This was too interesting. Can you write this with more detail? I never used
vpopmail integrated with MySQL, and I don't master databases or SQL. What
program would check the mysql database to discover where the maildir is

If qmail-ldap already addresses this problem, do you believe it is worth to
reimplement this using an mysql database? Wouldn't it be "reinventing the


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