Are you using MySQL? We have done this twice, in the middle of the second migration now.

If you have a lot of domains (over 100) getting the moved domains into the proper split is a concern. Example, you have 101 domains, domain is in /home/vpopmail/domains/ But your new server already has 20 domains. When you add domain it will be in /home/vpopmail/domains/0/ See the problem? All your paths in vpasswd, assign, possibly your .qmail files will be wrong.

If you can script the edit process on assign, virtualdomains, morercpthosts, .qmail files, it is not too bad. This is what I have done both times.

My recommended processes if you don't have that many users/domains is to simply add the domains and users to the new system, point your DNS there. Once you confirm the new system is working then move the mail files over to their new home. This can be done easily by mounting the domains directory from the old server to the new server and copying the Maildir contents from the old Maildir to the new Maildir.

Keep in mind, vpopmail doesn't care what you do, the issue (if you don't use MySQL) is qmail. Keep thinking what you have to accomplish to make qmail happy and vpopmail will work just fine. I have found vuserinfo, vadduser, vadddomain, vmoduser, vpasswd to be very happy run from a script.


Simon wrote:
Hello everyone,

I am presently running. vpopmail 5.2.1 with qmailadmin 1.0.6. I have just built a new box running vpopmail 5.4.0 and qmailadmin 1.2.0. The new box is running without a problem. I would like to move my current domains to the new box. I was planning on tarballing the domains folder and then untarballing it on the new machine. I assume that its not this simple any help would be appreciated.


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