On Tuesday 07 September 2004 07:11 pm, Tom Harrison wrote:
> >In short, if the domain is handled by vpopmail, you don't want it in
> > locals.
> OK, agreed. Just curious, why did you suggest it the first time? Please
> forgive me if I somehow unconsciously misled you in my first posting,
> though I thought I disclosed everything needed....

I suggested you put mail.ts5.com (which is NOT ts5.com) into locals, or to set 
it as an alias to ts5.com.  You could optionally create another completely 
separate virtualdomain for the domain.. I was just mentioning what I would 
do.  Putting mail.ts5.com into locals would not affect the functionality of 
the ts5.com virtualdomain.

> So, the problem persists, though it has changed slightly, which I think
> means that the virtualdomains entry "mail.ts5.com:ts5.com" is at least
> directing the mail to the local processing. Error messages now are of the
> form:
> @40000000413e45e20f52c484 new msg 3794192
> @40000000413e45e20f52dbf4 info msg 3794192: bytes 3104 from <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> qp 
> 24395
> uid507
> @40000000413e45e210eeb58c starting delivery 1277: msg 3794192 to local
> @40000000413e45e210eed0e4 status: local 1/10 remote 3/20
> @40000000413e45e2116de80c delivery 1277: success:
> user_does_not_exist,_but_will_deliver_to_/home/vpopmail/domains/ts5.com/oth
>er/Maildir//did_0+0+1/ @40000000413e45e2116e074c status: local 0/10 remote
> 3/20
> @40000000413e45e2116e0b34 end msg 3794192
> "postmaster" does indeed exist as a user folder in the domain ts5.com, of
> course.

try sending mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED]  I bet it will give you the same 


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