Am Do, den 09.09.2004 schrieb Matthew Walker um 19:42:
> QmailAdmin doesn't seem to handle Message Count quotas. At least, my
> version doesn't, and I'm pretty sure it's got everything turned on. ;)

Yup. That's why I'm asking.

> I did have one more question.
> Does vpopmail+mysql properly support per-domain quotas?

I think the domain-quots feature is getting silently ignored.
It's so silent, it's not even in the README.quotas....

Also, when it worked it's said to be very slow for large servers.
When I really need it, I'll be using OS-quotas.
Can vqadmin (or any other webbased admin-tool) be used/extended to
create domains with -g  ?

Or do I have to write a perl-wrapper around all of the commands ?

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