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Is there a command in vpopmail that I can use to set quota limits on every domain on my system? I don't want to set per account quotas, but rather a per domain disk limit. Is there an easy way to do this, other than by modifying each domains' .qmailadmin-limits file?

OK, I'm out on a limb here. Would this entry from the quick install guide at inter7 make sense?
vsetuserquota( char *user, char *domain, char *quota)
user = user name to change quota for
domain = virtual domain
char = quota in bytes. M/m and K/k abbrieviations apply. 5M 5m and 5000000 all equal 5 million bytes hard quota

You can also set a system-wide databyte limit for qmail using the /control/databytes file (that you create),
setting the environment variable in tcp.smtp
something like this:
[EMAIL PROTECTED] Maildir]# vi /etc/tcp.smtp
(restarting qmail to put changes into effect.)

The environment variable overrides the /control/databytes setting if it exists.


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