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There is one thing you can do, it won't help too much, but publish SPF
records.  http://spf.pobox.com, then any mailer which understands spf
records will not accept mail from the false machine because your SPF
records did not grant them permission.

You could also enable qmail as well to listen to other people's published
SPF records.  SPF was built to in the future hopefully stop to some extent
joe jobs.

Other than that as Jeremy has also said, ride out the storm.

- -Myron

> OK Myron,
> I see what you're saying about these being forged... so the bottom-line is
> I can't do
> ANYthing about it, right?  I mean:  I'm getting 100 postmaster error
> e-mails PER DAY
> like these!  All because spammers are forging their 'reply-to' addresses
> as 'ME', so I
> get the error returns...
> Anyone have ideas for what I can do?  (Besides hunt them down, one by one,
> and
> string them up by their toe nails!)  :-)
> -Fred.
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