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Peter Nilsson wrote:

Hi! I have compiled a new vpopmail and new sqwebmail, i have a small problem with vpopmail that dont update mailquota when mail is checked. I have compiled it with: ./configure --enable-roaming-users=y --enable-relay-clear-minutes=30 --enable-logging=y --enable-defaultquota=52428800 And sqwbmail is compiled with: ./configure --enable-webpass=vpopmail --without-gzip --without-authpam --without-authuserdb --without-authpwd --without-authshadow --without-authldap --with-authdaemon --enable-imageurl=http://odin.yanet.dk/images/sqwebmail --enable-imagedir=/home/yanet/public_html/images/sqwebmail --enable-changepass --enable-cgibindir=/home/yanet/cgi-bin --enable-autopurge=7 -without-ispell --enable-hardtimeout=5000 --enable-softtimeout=5000 --with-trashquota And qmail is patched with qmail qmaildir++ patch Any ideas? regards, Peter Yanet.dk

Are you using ant NFS if your mail setup?

no but i forgot to compile with-trasquota so the problem is now solved

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