On Wednesday 22 September 2004 02:14 pm, Bill Gradwohl wrote:
> Two issues:
> 1) Using qmail & vpopmail, what methods are available to log all inbound
> and outbound email PER VIRTUAL DOMAIN?


> 2) We also need a way to notify the recipient of an email that contained
> a virus that the infected email was destroyed, and that it came from
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] with a subject line of whatever it was.
> When the courts send out an email containing a virus [...]

This never happens.

However, qmail-scanner can be configured for different notifications.  I, 
personally, use --notify admin, and the admin address is a virus notification 
dropbox that I check occasionally.  If you're using qmail-scanner, I highly 
recommend to NOT notify anyone other than 'admin'.. because if you notify the 
sender, you're just spamming an innocent party, and if you notify the 
recipient, since they have little to no knowledge about how internet mail 
works, they might freak out and think that someone has stolen their email 
address or whatnot.  Things such as virus notifications are best left to 
those with a clue.


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