Hello friends.

I have installed vpopmail-5.2.1 + mysql-4.013 running on HP-UX alpha server.
It has 1GB of memory with 2 proccesors.

I am having problem with mysql at the hours peak. This show me the
qmail-send log

2004-09-24 17:32:06.263335500 delivery 96079: failure:

I have high concurrency (log qmail-send):
@400000004154ae4c2cd0fbfc status: local 10/100 remote 150/255

My mysql setup is for default ( I haven't  /etc/my.cnf created !!!)
Somebody have a configuration of  mysql for high concurrency and that work
with vpopmail?
Is possible limit vpopmail for don't use more of 100 connections? Because it
reboot my mysql daemon
Should I think use postgresql instead of mysql?

Thanks for your suggestions


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