Nemir N wrote:

Yes,  fabulous common sense.  Unfortunately,  I am in a position where
one of my system users needs to get her mail through her shell.   I
did seem to manage to get the boxes all set up great following Paul
Gregg's how-to,  however the checkpasswd code refused to compile on my
OpenBSD system.  It was then that I discovered vpopmail and figured
that it would be my salvation.   Seems to be, except for this one
small problem.

If its just one user, and she ONLY uses the shell for email, then you could create a:
| /home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' /home/tutor
or simply:
in both cases incomming mail should get delivered to /home/tutor/Maildir/new, but you have to set special permissions to allow user vpopmail or group vchkpw access to the specific users home dir


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