Your mail client is not quoting at all.. this makes your email very very 
difficult to read as people who haven't read the prior messages have no idea 
what text is my question and what text is your response.  Please set your 
mail client up to quote messages (the usual way, as you can see by my email, 
and most other emails on this list, is to use > in front of each line of 
quoted text) or change mail clients.  As you are using Outlook Express, I 
believe it is in your best interests, and the best interests of the rest of 
the Internet world that you do not use Outlook Express, as it's about as 
secure as a lock with the combination engraved into the side.

That being said (and attempting to fix your quoting, or rather, your lack 

On Monday 27 September 2004 11:50 pm, Paul Rennix wrote:
> > 1) are you interested in, or have any need to, support TLS for smtp?
> yes, but I can live without it if I have to.

> > 2) are you running your smtp server as the vpopmail:vchkpw user?
> yes.

> > 3) have you verified that the vpopmail user can indeed read the file?
> > (hint: cd / ; setuidgid vpopmail cat /var/qmail/control/ )
> yes, it spits out the key.

> > 4) have you verified that the clientcert.pem file you have generated is
> > the proper format that the SSL libraries are looking for?

> you lost me here : )

then that's probably your issue.  If I were you I would disable TLS until you 
can figure out how to generate your pem file.  The pem file it's looking for 
needs an unencrypted private key, and public key (from the same keypair, of 
course) in pem format.  Look in the openssl documentation and google for 
information on how to generate the proper keypair required for this.


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