I thought I would point out that in my logs I get this entry:

Oct  6 21:46:28 serv vpopmail[972]: vchkpw-pop3: (PLAIN) login success
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:xx.xx.xx.xx

whenever I get that error and just attempt to click on the "ok" that Evolution
presents me.  However something must fail along the way because none of my mail
is getting downloaded.



> For all my accounts when I try to authenticate Evolution pops back a message
> that says:
> Unable to connect to POP server mail.whootis.com.
> Error sending password: could not create vlog table CREATE TABLE vlog ( id
> BIGINT PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT,       user char(32), passwd CHAR(32),
> domain CHAR(64), logon VARCHAR(200),       remoteip char(18), message
> VARCHAR(255),       timestamp bigint default 0 NOT NULL, error INT,
> user_idx (user),       INDEX domain_idx (domain), INDEX remoteip_idx
> (remoteip),
>       INDEX error_idx (error), INDEX message_idx (message) )
> Now this all started this evening when I upgraded my server from FreeBSD
> 4.9-STABLE to 4.10-STABLE.  I booted back into 4.9-STABLE but I am still
> getting these errors.
> I am running vpopmail 5.4.5 with qmail 1.03 with only the qmail-scanner
> patch.
> Can someone please help,
> Thanks!
> GEoff Sweet

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