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Any comment?


Why is qMail calling _exit() and not exit()? Is there a reason it does not want its files closed, and other stuff properly cleaned up? Or is it because DJB is just not happy with using calls that are in the libc library and thus are not thread safe for the most part?

Threads? I don't see where qmail is using threads...

I know, i was just pointing out a useless fact i picked up while reading a book.

Anyways, eventhough i do not agree with using #define's to override a function, i don't see it as a bad one necessarily, as it clears up the entire MySQL mess.

Funny, I'm checking my (chkuser) patch and I see also auth patch (Bill Shupp's toaster version) does the same thing (overriding _exit).

I feel it could be time to redesign qmail and use atexit() functions.

This could be a lengthy process. But if you are willing to undertake it, and write the patches for it, then it is certainly worth it.



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