On Tuesday 09 November 2004 09:24 am, Rainer Duffner wrote:
> Clayton Milos wrote:
> >Sure it is... Very simple really...
> >
> >~vpopmail/bin/vadduser "john&[EMAIL PROTECTED]" password
> >
> >And OE6 doesn't complain about it for some reason (strange how a M$ app
> >doesn't complain. Then again it's a stupid idea so it goes with them)
> D'uh.
> I tried vadduser -r -q  3000000 "john&[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> and it complained that
> "You did not use a full email address for the user name
> Only full email addresses should be used"

you probably didn't quote it properly and your shell treated it like you were 
trying to background the vadduser command.
[EMAIL PROTECTED] install]# ~vpopmail/bin/vadduser 'larry&[EMAIL PROTECTED]' 

shows up with vuserinfo and I'm able to authenticate with it properly, and a 
test message successfully arrives in larry&frank's mailbox, etc.


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