On Nov 23, 2004, at 11:01 AM, David Hubbard wrote:
In a vpopmail 5.4.6 site with autoresponder 2.0.4,
the behavior we're seeing is that when a user
sets a vacation message, vpopmail sets up the autoresponder
with a 3 messages per day limit.  The .qmail file it
creates for that person has autoresponder on the first
line and then the Maildir delivery statement on the
second.  What we're seeing is that after the messages
from a given address exceed three, the autoresopnder
no longer mails, as expected, but the messages are no
longer delivered to the Maildir either, and the sender
is not notified.


The newly released QmailAdmin 1.2.5 corrects this problem. When creating a vacation responder, it will put the Maildir delivery first in the .qmail file, and then call autorespond.

For existing autoresponders, you'll have to manually edit your .qmail files. You might be able to find those files with a command like this:

cd ~vpopmail/domains
grep -l autorespond ?/*/*/.qmail ?/*/?/*/.qmail */*/.qmail */?/*/.qmail

(If you don't have hashed directories, you can just do `grep -l autorespond */*/.qmail`).

Note that 1.2.5 is a devel release. I just started using it on my production server, and have tested add/modify/delete of all address types, but there are huge changes between 1.2.5 and 1.2.3, so there's a chance of bugs sneaking in.

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