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> On Nov 23, 2004, at 11:01 AM, David Hubbard wrote:
> > In a vpopmail 5.4.6 site with autoresponder 2.0.4,
> > the behavior we're seeing is that when a user
> > sets a vacation message, vpopmail sets up the autoresponder
> > with a 3 messages per day limit.  The .qmail file it
> > creates for that person has autoresponder on the first
> > line and then the Maildir delivery statement on the
> > second.  What we're seeing is that after the messages
> > from a given address exceed three, the autoresopnder
> > no longer mails, as expected, but the messages are no
> > longer delivered to the Maildir either, and the sender
> > is not notified.
> David,
> The newly released QmailAdmin 1.2.5 corrects this problem.  When 
> creating a vacation responder, it will put the Maildir delivery first 
> in the .qmail file, and then call autorespond.

I dont think that changing the order of the .qmail file is sufficient, 
because looking at the autorespond.c there are situations where
the incoming mail will be bounced back to sender. (For example
if the sender is a mailing list). The bouncing behaviour is correct for 
when autorespond.c is running as an autoresponder, but it not correct 
for when it is running as a vacation responder. 

I have opened a ticket on qmailadmin sourceforge site regarding this 
issue (1156347). What I believe is required is :

* we make a copy the autoresponder.c and call it 

* Edit vacation.c and tweak the exit codes appropriately 
(Jeremy Kitchen has already posted about this - look at 
the patches section ticket 808962)

* Modify qmailadmin so that when writing .qmail files for 
robots we call autorespond binary, and when 
writing .qmail files for vacation we call the vacation 


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