I've recently converted many users from /etc/passwd to
vpopmail accounts. That was very nice, but when I
finished I realize that inside my domain.com/ folder
there wasn't all my users maildirs folders. So I take
a look at vpasswd and realize that had a dir 0/, 1/,
2/, 3/ and 4/ inside the domain.com/ folder and each
one had a lot of my users maildir folders. That wasn't
nice, so I moved all these maildirs that were inside
these 0/,1/,2/,3/ and 4/ folders to ../ so they are
now in domain.com/ folder where they should be since
the beggining. After that I edited vpasswd and changed
manually all those users folders in that file and
after much work I got it. Then I added and deleteted
an user just to rebuild the vpasswd.cdb. Ok. 

I was thinking that directories should have being
miscreated when I was converting my huge passwd to the
cdb(was about 550 users). And I also thought that when

I would add new users that wouldn't occur again. But I
tried to add a new user and it creates a domain.com/4/
dir and put the maildir folder of that user inside
that folder 4/.

Is that normal? I don't want that number folder inside
my domain! I want always my users maildir in
domain.com/ to be better managed. And always doing
manual editing sucks a lot!

Any help or information will be very very very


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