On Thursday 02 December 2004 01:08 pm, Gilcio Grella wrote:
[snip: vpopmail hashes user directories after a certain number]

> Is that normal? I don't want that number folder inside
> my domain! I want always my users maildir in
> domain.com/ to be better managed. And always doing
> manual editing sucks a lot!

vpopmail does directory hashing because some filesystems (ext2/3, UFS without 
DIR_HASH, etc) will slow to a crawl with large directories (the general rule 
of thumb is about 1000 files in a directory is the breaking point)

You can disable this when building vpopmail by configuring it with the 
--disable-users-big-dir flag.

Is this causing you any problems?  If not, then you should leave it how it is 
for performance reasons.


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