Oden Eriksson wrote:

Friday 03 December 2004 18.10 Jeremy Kitchen wrote:

On Friday 03 December 2004 09:39 am, Jeremy Kitchen wrote:

On Friday 03 December 2004 05:05 am, Oden Eriksson wrote:

In order to successfully send mail after the
--enable-relay-clear-minutes period has expired I have to restart
kmail. This is annoying and has been the case for a very long time now.
Now I'm sick of it and need a resolution. So please advise what to do.

Use smtp auth. This is not a problem with kmail, courier-imap, or
roaming users.

oh and to add.

even if you do restart kmail, that doesn't necessarily mean it restarts the
kio_slave for your imap connection, therefore you may have to log
completely out :)  Simple fix: use smtp auth.


Thanks Jeremy, but smtp auth isn't the answer I was looking for. I know mr. sam and some other profilic people in this sphere thinks pop-before-smtp is dead, is silly and obsolete, but I can say it isn't.

The question still, is how to make this work, not to make me start using smtp auth.

Of course pop-before-smtp is silly. Not supporting smtp auth is at the same time very silly.
What if all you want to do is send mail, without popping or imapping?

If was really smart I would stop using an utterly dead (not developed since 1998), and unsupported software like qmail is and use _any_ of the others that is still alive, supported, developed and in much wider use.

I'm sorry you're not really smart. All I can tell you is I love qmail!
If qmail is utterly dead I'm a necrophiliac.

Yours truly,

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