qSheff is a wrapper for the qmail queue that scans email for viruses and spam. After checking the message, it will wake the qmail queue. It is a replacement program for qscanq and RAV antivirus. It is simple and more powerful. It features the ability to quarantine, very nice logging, subject filtering, a blackhole, easy installation, and white/black lists.


* Simple, optimized, extandable fast code (About 1200 lines of C code)
* Interoperability with various Antivirus / Spam software.
* Detailed logging. (Comfortable for 'cut' and 'cat' operations to produce statistics.)
* Internal subject filter that supports regular expression matching
* White/black lists.
* Easy installation and administration
* Easy debugging.
* Quarantine directory for service providers.
* Dropping mails with malformed headers
* MRTG reporting of spammer avctivity
* Easy debugging

Omer Faruk Sen
Software Development Team @ Turkey
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