Actually I did...but then I found the problem. It was the user and group
of the .pem files. It looks as though when my corn job ran
update_tmprsadh, the script changes the user and group. That broke it, I
updated the script to make the user vpopmail.vchkpw and it's all good. I
tested it from about 5 different clients across 3 OS's and now it takes
about 5 seconds. MUCH BETTER...thanks for sending me down the right

Adi Pircalabu said:
> On Mon, 10 Jan 2005 22:52:54 -0800
> Allie D <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Ok fine...I did exactly as it states and it didn't make a difference.
>> It takes from 20 to 40 seconds to send an email...that's horrible. If
>> I disable TLS it's immediate....I can see qmail-smtpd just sitting
>> there while it's authenticating..the entire time. Should I use
>> instead of Bill Shupp's patch ????
> Hi, I think your problem is not related to vpopmail. I think you missed
> few steps from Bill Shupp's setup. You should run "make tmprsadh" from
> qmail source directory and setup a cronjob that updates three files:
> /var/qmail/control/rsa512.pem
> /var/qmail/control/dh512.pem
> /var/qmail/control/dh1024.pem
> If you followed Bill Shupp's tutorial you could insert a cronjob like
> this:
> 01 01 * * * /var/qmail/bin/update_tmprsadh
> Best regards
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