I am running vpopmail with vchkpw and I am having an few isssues that I believe are connected. I have many virtual domains, but on at lease one account in one domain, I cannot log into my mail and see the error,

Sending of the password did not succeed.  unable to scan $HOME/Maildir.
(using mozilla thunderbird)


-ERR unable to scan $HOME/Maildir, telneting to box

The weird thing is that other account on the same domain do not have this problem.

As I said, another thing is going on that I believe to be connected....I cannot log into my qmailadmin. Qmail admin gives me a Internal server error on the web page and: Premature end of script headers: /cgi-bin/qmailadmin in the error log.

I do believe that I may have contributed to the by changing the shell for the vpopmail account to /nologin as I was in paranoid mode after one of my other boxes got hacked. I cannopt tell if this was the cause, but as soon as I made the correlation, I changed the shell back to the one that I believe that was originally there(/bin/csh) and still the same. So, i belive it could possibly a vpopmail ownership thing but everything looks right....As far as I believe things should be looking, that is.

If anyone can point some light in my direction, that would be very appreciated.


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