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>>So based on what you have said, if
>>chkuser relies on vpopmail commands to determine existence then my current
>>setup should work just fine. If chkuser directly reads the virtualdomains
>>file, then I will have problems.
>Hi Brian,
>chkuser relies on vpopmail for domains (i.e. rcpthosts, virtualdomains),
>users (cdb/MySQL/other) and valiases (MySQL) informations, using instead
>its own code for aliases and mailing lists.
>Checking of chkuser enabling (looking for "bounce string") is done using
>its own code.

Just as a follow-up. This all works great. Chkuser works great in our
particular application. Thanks to all of those that helped me understand the
integration a little better.

Two more questions. Can anyone tell me which stable version of the vpopmail
code will contain the vauth-open code to use with CHKUSER_ENABLE_VAUTH_OPEN?
I am currently at 5.4.7 and would like to avoid any bouncing due to mysql
being down. Also, it looks like what ever calls that are being invoked to
determine user existence creates connections to the master sql server
instead of the local slave. I have the /home/vpopmail/etc/vpopmail.mysql set
up correctly. I have noticed this before as well. Operations that would
appear to be reads, fail when my master server is down, logins, etc. I don't
do any logging to the mysql tables because that really hoses replication.
Any insight here would be great. Thanks 


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