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> I have setup the qmail first with domain1, then using vpopmail added the
> other domains, domain2, domain3 etc.
> The server can receive mail for all the domains just fine but what I'm
> looking at is that when a HELO is sent say for domain2, the server replies
> with the HELO for for the domain1.
> How do I get qmail/vpopmail to issue the HELO for each domain and not the
> primary domain name?

this is a qmail question, not vpopmail.. so it should go on the qmail list... 

you can't.  the qmail server has *NO* idea what domain the client is trying to 
send to when the client issues HELO/EHLO, therefore, it cannot respond 

Also, what happens if one client is sending to two domains on your server?  
What should it respond to HELO/EHLO with?

the helo/ehlo response should be the FQDN of your mail server.  For instance, 
if you connect to mine, you'll see that it responds with 
tranquility.scriptkitchen.com, which is the FQDN of my mail server.  Connect 
to my fileserver and you'll get edge.scriptkitchen.com (just ignore the 
postfix banner! :P)

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