I'm still a newbie with PHP, but I would be willing to help contribute to a web interface to Vpopmail using PHP. I've created a squirrelmail plugin to add DOB, crypted SSN, and secret question to the vpopmail user record to use with another interface to reset passwords. It's been pretty successful.

So, if anyone else is inclined to use/develop PHP for a Qmailadmin replacement let me know and we can work together on a portable version.

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Jonathan Shaw wrote:

Brad Pinkston writes:

I tried to reopen this old thread. Quick question about creating accounts with SQL queries. If you can create accounts using a PHP, PERL interface by using SQL queries, then it would be assumed that you will also remove accounts using this method. By removing a user's record will vpopmail somehow automagically remove the maildir for the user at some time, or does any custom interface need to take into account the need to clean up the filesystem?

AFAIK, using SQL to remove a user will NOT remove the underlying filesystem info for that user. You will need to handle that. There has been some work on a vpopmail daemon (vpopmaild) with a php interface, that would delete a user just as if you did it via the command-line utilities.

Thanks in advance.

Jonathan Shaw

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