um fetchmail is your "friend"
if you "know" the username/password of your 
lotus clients (or can take the lotus server and globaly 
reset the passwords to something you "know"... )

when run as root fetchmail has MANY neat options... 
you can set it up so that each new user account pops(or imaps) into the
lotus notes server,
grabs all the mail in the mail boxes, and restreams all messages to the  
new qmail smtp server... for delivery of the mailbox on the new mailserver

vola in your new mailservers inbox will be all the emails 
works great... especially if you're migrating a 
large amount of clients 

we did this for a client last summer 
that had to move 20k clients from 
an old ISP server to a new inhouse server... 

took 6 hours (ok we had a PHAT pipe)

we did it without requireing any administrative access 
to the original server.

now there are a few stumbling blocks .. 
it helps if you "know" all the imap folders that people have sorted 
their mail into etc etc. or better yet tell the users to move any 
mail they want to save to "somedir" by migration date... 

it also helps if you don’t "accidently destroy source mail" 
in the process... (make sure you don’t have remove mail 
from server after pop set to YES) or you'll never be able to 
restart the process if something goes horribly wrong.

it also is a wise idea to run a few tests on 
some throw away accounts (ok run LOTS of tests)

when your ready to do it... 
block the lotus server from receiving any smtp or pop 
traffic except from your target box)
x your fingers and throw the switch... 

it also helps if you throw that switch when no project managers,
VPs, presidents, CEOs, CTOs, and administrative personel and other
people who tend to worry, panic, or point out things like
"its too simple it cant possibly work" are around,  

I recommend some time around 2am 

kenneth gf brown 

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> Juan Enciso Condeña wrote:
> | Hi list.
> |
> | I need migrate accounts and mailbox from Lotus Notes 5.0.1 to
> | Qmail+Vpopmail. The accounts creation isn't problem, but my main
> | problem is migrate the mailbox to maildir. The mailbox for 
> one user, 
> | in Lotus, is into a file xxxx.nsf (database Lotus). I need convert 
> | 1062 mailbox to Maildir. Somebody know how convert this?
> |
> If at all possible:
> a) Create all the accounts in the new server
> b) Configure the imap client for both  lotus notes and thenewserver
> c) Have THE USERS copy and paste all the email they want to 
> the new server
> d) Tell them they will loose all their old mail by X date if 
> they dont do this.
> Thats the cheapest way.
> | If isn't possible convert directly the file nsf, I'm think 
> use imap  
> | migration tool  but I 
> never use 
> | this tool
> |
> | Somebody has some experience using tools like to fetchmail, 
> | migrationtool, or others?
> |
> | Any suggestion is been thankful
> |
> | Bye friends
> |
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