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I was just checking my database and the uid and gid fields are always '0' for
users. I checked in vpopuser source and in the function vadduser() from
vpopmail.c it seems these are not set during account creation, and are only
used in a chown(). following another function vauth_adduser() which updates the

it doesn't seem to do anything with uid and gid here either when it builds the
query string, so are these fields depreciated now and were used in some older
version of vpopmail or something? (using 5.4.9)

As far as I can tell, pw_uid is not used.

pw_gid stores the permissions/limits for the user. If you use vmoduser to alter the user's permissions, you'll see the gid change. The newer pw_flags field represents the user's overall limits, taking domain-wide limits into account.

Interestingly, it would appear that vauth_user() in vpopmail.c actually sets those field incorrectly. I've fixed the code in cvs, and it will be in the next release. Luckily, none of the vpopmail or qmailadmin code relied on the pw_gid being set correctly after calling vauth_user().

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