All i have found, is a way to trim the bounces at certain number of bytes. It would make much more sense to bounce only headers.

If i put the limit in bytes, say 2048, it is theoretically possible that headers are longer than that. And if they are less, the bounce includes an arbitrary number of bytes from the mail that server no use.

It would be much more elegant to say: "--- Below this line are the headers of the message." and return only the headers.

But, alas, i havent found a patch like that. And im not a programmer.


I am using spamcontrol
It is ver powerfull collection patches.
It has a bounce control very customizable and work with vpopmail.

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thi is slightly offtopic of course, but:

can i bounce only the headers of a rejected message? Right now
qmail+vpopmail bounces the whole thing. It seems kinda pointless to
bounce several megabytes of mail jus to say "the user ... is over quota"


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