On Wed, 2 Mar 2005, Ken Jones wrote:

We are using it in vhostadmin to build a php based management interface.
Since vpopmaild can be run under tcpserver (over ssl if you need), it lets
management interfaces to run on any computer and access vpopmaild
over the net.

I have a development version of vhostadmin I need to package up for
release. If any one wants a copy of it before we pretty it up, email
me and I'll send you the tarball.

That sounds interesting. My main "right now" interest is not in replacing qmailadmin just yet, but in stealing your .qmail manipulation code. I've got vpopmaild working with 5.4.x here and I've got Rick's (?) php objects, but I'm right back at square one with replacing my current .qmail modification junk since there's no high-level objects in Rick's set.

My current squirrelmail plugin for turning spamass on/off, setting forwards, vacations, etc. calls a setuid vpopmail C program. I want to get away from that for various reasons, but the first is to allow another option, virus scanning. The rewrite involved is painful enough to merit a switch to vpopmaild/php I think.



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