on 3/3/05 8:54 AM, Nick Harring <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>>> Simscan isn't replacing qmail-smtpd, so this isn't strictly an smtp
>>> limitation. Perhaps I'm just not getting it, but why wouldn't the
>>> following work:
>>> Email comes in for users A, B and C. A and B have an SA threshold of
> 5,
>>> C has a threshold of 9. The message scores at 7. Delete A and B from
> the
>>> recipient list when queueing the message, and tell qmail-smtpd to
> accept
>>> the message since at least one recipient will be receiving the
> message.
>>> Since the other two users consider it spam, they don't really care
> what
>>> the remote side thinks. Other scenarios are just as easy to work
> through
>>> in a way that'd work.
>> that would require queueing multiple messages from the same SMTP
>> conversation.
>> what happens if on the 49th recipient of a 50 recipient message, the
>> queueing
>> fails?  Your 'solution' is ugly, and simply will not work.
> No, it wouldn't require this. It would require that you edit the
> recipient list prior to queueing. There's nothing 'ugly' that I can see
> about that process.

If I'm understanding you, I see one real problem with your suggestion.  Tom
said it clearly:

on 3/2/05 4:12 PM, Tom Collins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> One of the benefits of simscan is that it rejects the spam.  So, if a
> legitimate message gets tagged as spam for some reason, the sender will
> get the rejection notice and know that it wasn't received.

If I understand your suggestion, a legitimate sender in your example
scenario gets no notification that users A and B did not receive the


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