I just started testing out Maildrop with Vpopmail this weekend, and found some interesting problems.

Versions: maildrop 1.8.0, vpopmail 5.4.9

The problem I had is the same as Matt Kern describes here:

To sum up, the problem occurs at seemingly random times (but often), when running vdelivermail from the Maildrop filter file. As Matt described, the error as it appears in the qmail-send log looks like:

2005-02-18 21:58:22.285783500 delivery 181: deferral: Sorry,_no_mailbox_here_by_that_name._vpopmail_(#5.1.1)/maildrop:_error_writing_to_mailbox./

Clearly this should be a bounce aka failure, not a deferral, but maildrop determines there is a problem when calling vdelivermail, so it returns with exitcode 75 which causes the deferral.

I believe the source of this problem was identifed back in June by someone posting to the Maildrop mailing list, although there were no responses. See:

To sum up again, he says the problem "is because vdelivermail exits, before it read the pipe completly. vdelivermail simply checks whether the receipient is valid, and if not,
exits at once, causing a SIGPIPE in maildrop."

I've confirmed that Maildrop returns the deferral exit code due to a SIGPIPE by stracing the call to vdelivermail, when this problem occurs.

This question has come up a couple times before I see after hunting through archives, but I haven't found a definitive answer or solution.

I've seen Jeremy Kitchen post to the maildrop list, which makes me hopeful that the Inter7 folks may be running Maildrop + vdelivermail internally. If that's the case, do you have any insight on this problem? Workarounds, or what needs happen development wise to fix it? Is it actually a maildrop problem?

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