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I recently installed chkuser in response to a SpamCop listing. I have a user getting addresses rejected that we know exist. The addresses are in valias and work fine when I send a message. The user in question is recently getting rejections. Here is a sample of the qmail-smtp log.

2005-03-15 17:06:06.731444500 CHKUSER rejected rcpt: from <[EMAIL PROTECTED]::> remote <> rcpt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> : not existing recipient

2005-03-16 08:37:28.526532500 CHKUSER accepted rcpt: from <[EMAIL PROTECTED]::> remote <[]> rcpt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> : found existing recipient

I'm not sure just why this is happening, I do not have CHKUSER_RCPT_FORMAT defined, in fact the only changes I made to the chkuser_settings.h was to uncomment CHKUSER_ALWAYS_ON and set the CHKUSER_MBXQUOTA to "90" in my qmail-smtpd run script.

I had the user send me the message in question and I noticed that the addresses had single qoutes in them,


I would suspect that was the issue except that this address book worked prior to installing chkuser, and the qmail-smtpd log shows the address correctly when it is rejected.

Any ideas?

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