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I want to backup my vpopmail users, but I dont want to backup 3+GB of email 
with it :). I can backup the database no problem, but I fear that it is not 
enough in a recovery situation. I was thinking of dumping the output of 
vpopbull -n -V to a file then make script to run vuserinfo on each line and 
extract the info I need to recreate the directory structure and/or rebuild the 
database using vadduser and vadddomain.

I guess my main question is: Is backing up the database going to be enough?

I would think so. I do not believe there is any information provided from vuserinfo that is not taken from the vpopmail DB. I can think of a few things to watch out for.

- .qmail-<user>
Seems there is always a user who has something "special" going on with their account. I would use a script to write the .qmail<user> file to a dir named for the <user>-<domain> so you do not have files overwriting each other ([EMAIL PROTECTED] vs [EMAIL PROTECTED], both would be .qmail-bob). Should be pretty easy to query the DB during a restore, grab the users path, and drop the .qmail-<user> file back into his domain dir.

- IMAP dirs
Do any of your users have IMAP info stored in their Maildir. Seems I remember hearing of a add-on that stored some user pref info in the Maildir.

- ezmlm
Lists would be something to keep in mind.

- .spamassassin
If you don't use MySQL for SA, you want to keep your user prefs, whitelists, etc.

All in all it might be easier to write a simple back up that excludes mail messages.


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