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Sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2005 12:03 PM
Subject: Re: [vchkpw] moving maildirs to a new home

>   > I did check and it seems that my uid, gid for vpopmail and vchkpw are
> > different than the original box.  I tried to change the uid:gid in the
> > /var/qmail/users/assign file but I still cannot authenticate.  I am
> > with freeBSD and it seems that changing the gid is not as simple as
> > the /etc/group file. Does anyone know how that is done?  I cannot seem
> > find anything on it.  I am thinking that I may be abe to erase it and
> > recreate the group, but I am not sure at this moment.
> >
> > I basically copied everything over to the new box with rsync -vaz
> >
> > by everything, I mean
> > /var/qmail/alias
> > /var/qmail/users
> > /var/qmail/control
> > /home/vpopmail/domains
> >
> > i feel that all that I have to do is remedy the uid:gid and it should
> > but I am also thinking that changing the uid:gid in the
> > /var/qmail/users/assign should have done the trick.  Can someone comment
> > that?
> Well, we use FreeBSD here, FBSD reserved 89:89 for vpopmail, is that
> what you used for your UID:GID?
> The question I would have is what are the UID and GID you currently have
> on each machine?
> You should be able to copy over all the files you state, change UID and
> GID accordingly, change the UID and GID in assign to match, restart
> qmail and be good.
> Ideally, following the install instructions you would always have the
> same UID and GID on any vpopmail machine ;^)
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Unfortunately, I did a qmailrocks install this time around and it used some
abnormail uid:gid of 1009:1004, respctively.

When you say, "change UID and
GID accordingly"...what do you mean by that?  I have changed the assign
uid:gid to 1009:1004, but that does not seem to work.

I believe that something else other than the assign file is is causing my
original 89:89 files on the 1009:1004 machine to talk back.  I am not aware
of what, but something tells me that I will figure it out before it all is
over.  I really would rather figure out how this works as oppsed to adding
all the accounts by hand.  Not only is this ugly, I am not aware of how my
system is working while I have a perfect chance to learn.



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