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> On Mar 22, 2005, at 1:01 AM, Bob Ababurko wrote:
> > I have to ask again....should changing the uid:gid in the assign file 
> > to
> > reflect the system, work? It seems like that would be the other way 
> > around
> > the mess instead of changing the systema(vopomail:vchkpw ID's)
> Yes (after running qmail-newu to update the users/cdb file).
> But, as the other poster pointed out, if you copied the files from 
> system A to system B in such a way that it kept the numeric uid/gid for 
> the file ownership, you now need to fix all of those files.  If you 
> were able to do the copy so that it based it on the named uid/gid, then 
> the file ownership should be fine.
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