I'm trying to setup a new mailserver with qmail and vpopmail.  I've
installed both, and have setup user accounts.  I'm running into
problems when trying to test the setup to make sure things are

Running this command:
printf "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" | vchkpw `which id` 3<&0
yields this result:
uid=0(root) gid=0(root)

I run the same command on a working server and get this: 
uid=89(vpopmail) gid=89(vpopmail)

I can't authenticate any users on the new server.  My best guess is
that the discrepancy between the two is the source of the problem.

Some extra information:
Both servers are running Gentoo Linux.  The server with the problem is
running kernel 2.6.10.  The working server is running kernel 2.4.26

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