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Sorry, if Im posting to the wrong list ...

There is a simscan list.  Check here :

Only 2 quick questions:
1. on
it says: "during the SMTP conversation so the email never makes it into your computers"
So far I use qmail-scanner which is putting it on the hdd and than has
clamav running over it. Is simscan doing that tests without writing to disk?

No, it writes it to disk.. The intended meaning is that it won't deliver the mail if it's infected...

And if so
2. Has anybody compared
qmailscanner and simscan
for performance. If so, what are the results?

Simscan is significantly faster. This is mostly due to the fact that simscan is written in C and qmailscanner is written in perl. That said, simscan doesn't bother with all of the "extra" stuff that qmailscanner does, namely the mime functionality. Otherwise, I believe simscan does everything else including attachment blocking. Simscan also has some extra abilities that qmail-scanner does not. You can change settings based on domain and even email address. So, for instance, you could set it to scan for viruses and spam for, but only scan for viruses for [EMAIL PROTECTED] ...

Yes, call me lazy, if you want :). Just thought I could skip two days of work,
if someone allready has the answer.


Thanks for your kindness - Ulrich

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